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Kelley knew two truths of herself as a child.

One was that she bore an incurable lust for the written word before she'd even learned an alphabet. Having originated under such circumstances she only assumed a path in writing could sate.

Things being what they were, she managed a thorough education in penning her soul's art, the destination of which she'd planned to be at the feet of National Geographic Magazine (back when there was no NatGeo and there was only one magazine that focused on mummies, Pompei, bog people, and vanished civilizations). It didn't work out that way, though. When the time came to pack her bags the impetus was to stay put, a wordless mystery that took Kelley quite a while to unravel.

Some time later she came back to her other childhood truth, which was that she could interact vividly in the unseen world. Kelley felt a little silly then. She'd finally realized all those elegant letters of her naïve youth were really spelling, "Don't write about the past. Listen to it tell its story."

From that point on Kelley's writing took on a rather different life. She began weaving tales of souls consciously steering through the wreckage of multiplanar corollaries, a delicious, insatiable pursuit.

Kelley lives in North Carolina with a wonderful lover and a couple of energetic Twinkies. Her open dialogue with souls is recorded at Intentional Insights, and her shamanic practice is Soul Intent Arts. She walks the path of the modern Druid and is a proud founder of the nonprofit organization The Saferoom Project.

~S. Kelley Harrell, C.Ht. ~ www.kelleyharrell.com ~ @SKelleyH, Author of Gift of the Dreamtime: Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma, Soul Intent Arts ~ An intertribal shamanic practice for Universal wellbeing ~ www.soulintentarts.com, Intentional Insights ~ Q&A From Within ~ Podcast ~ ww