Meet Bridgett Walther


About Bridgett Walther

Endorsed by some of the most exciting and popular celebrities, Bridgett Walther’s astrology forecasts have been the guiding light for thousands of people over the years. Walther has a long list of loyal followers including Cher, Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora, Diane Keaton's savvy assistant Stephanie Heaton…. However, there is no typical astrology/numerology client. In fact, her clientele extends worldwide due to her loyal internet following. Click for more...


For many years we have not had to increase the subscription costs. Unfortunately with rising costs, we now have to raise to subscription prices a small amout.

Current members DO NOT WORRY, your subscription will not go up. DON'T LET YOUR MEMBERSHIP LAPSE. If it lapses, your rate will reflect our new rates. 

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