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Through A Photographer's Heart


 An Interview with world famous photographer Ineta McParland

Q:What really motivates you to take a picture and how do you choose the subject that you take pictures of?

A:I am guided by my heart and intuition. I follow it and I see the sight I capture.

Q:Because your subjects are normal events, like a sunset and sunrise, how do you make it magical?

A:Through gratefulness in my heart. Each day is precious.

Q:What made you that grateful?

A:I’ve seen dark days, and the light that I capture is like a pathway from world’s pain.

Q:How do you find the perfect moment and subjects? 

A:I feel an inner guidance of nature, as if my heart and my vision and nature become one.

Q:Explain how you got your work into National Geographic and New York Times Square Billboard Premiere? What was the subject of your work?

A:I just took a chance, again following my gut feeling.  For NY Times Square, I saw this competition online, and it was 1:30 AM. I thought, why not? I took a chance and got selected. The photo for Times Square was of a Seagull Pathway through wood sticking out of the sand. I saw that different landscape in the sunlight, and captured it. Interestingly, people have very different imaginations. They see that picture and think it is mountains, an underwater landscape, a foreign place. Love the way people’s minds work when they see and feel an image. For National Geographic, I submitted a photo of our horse Princess taking a shower.  The picture is of her shiny-in-sunlight back, and some water drops. People also use their imagination to see different things. They think it is some landscape out in nature.

Q:What kind of camera do you use to capture these moments?

A:Interestingly, these photos were taken with my small Kodak camera. Right now, I am using Casio Exilim. A point is that camera does not matter in capturing special moments, led by your heart.

Q:What do you prefer capturing more: animals, nature, people or something else?

A:I love to capture the light in my subjects. I love to play with light. It is like I am in my world, seeing magic in everyday life. I notice things that people miss. There is so much beauty in this world. Most of us are overwhelmed by worries of everyday life, so we do not notice life and light around us. 

Q:What is your dream subject that you would love to capture?

A:I love to capture a light in people. There is so much darkness, pain, and anger around us on TV, in popular music, in everyday life. With my photography, I wish to bring the light and that power to eliminate the stress and all the pain. Pain only brings pain. Love and light only can heal.

Q:How do you bring forth a youthful look when you capture people of all ages?

 A:I look for that special sparkle.

Q:Do you re-touch photos?

A:I do not use Photoshop. To me, is what I see is important. Sometimes I enhance colors to capture what I see. Life is all about colors. When I capture people, I love to capture that inner spark. To me, wrinkles or imperfections are like a roadmap of what people are been through. Erasing those wrinkles would be like erasing their life, their experiences, their trials and tribulations. To me, imperfection is perfect. Nature is imperfect – that’s why it is so beautiful.

Q:If you had one day to live, what picture you would take? 

A:A smile.

Contact Ineta McParland for your photographic needs at dancefree@gmail.com. Or you can see FB page: facebook.com/InetaMcParland.

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