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To My Wonderful, Loyal, and Dear Members –

Recently, due to bad genes and overwork, I had to have half of my colon removed. This has set me back and caused severe pain and exhaustion.

My doctors suggested rest, no work, and walking the length of my house daily… for six months.

As a result I have come to the conclusion that the monthlies are repetitious, mirroring the weekly and daily scopes. They also take two days to write. These are days I need to heal and do an excellent job for you.

I have, after much thought and constant post surgical pain, decided to drop the monthlies. If you read the daily and weekly scopes you WILL get the same information, but in more depth.

I need every member I have to keep the site going. I need YOU to stand by me during this difficult time. I am disobeying doctors’ orders (I hope none of them see this!) by even working now. We tried a substitute, but that didn’t work. I want to continue to be your astrologer, but NEED YOU TO REMAIN MEMBERS and to ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN TOO.

Please understand that I’ve considered doing this for years, but it took a very serious bout with diverticulitis that killed some of my relatives to motivate me. Please remain members. If you’re not a member now, PLEASE JOIN. I know you’ll get as much, probably more, detailed information from the Daily and Weekly Scopes.

I am SO thankful and grateful for all of your loyalty during the past 20 years…..

                        With hope and love, Bridgett Walther