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I am SOOO happy to have these wonderful comments:

Bridgett Walther’s been my friend and intermittent counselor for more than 20 years. Personally, she has exceptional character, honesty and integrity. Professionally, she is the astrologer other astrologers consult. I’ve never met her equal in depth of experience, instinct, and accuracy. She’s the one to whom I turn when I need truth and perspective, and as a gifted writer she never fails to deliver insight and entertainment. She’s the real deal and the total package and I’m proud to know her. I encourage everyone to discover her work.

- Nancy Oliver, screenwriter, director (Lars and the Real Girl, Six Feet Under, True Blood)


There are lots of people who play at reading the stars, but Bridgett Walther not only knows the stars and the gravitational pull they exert on our lives, she uses them to empower her readers to maximize every moment of their lives. I can't imagine starting a day without her celestial map to navigate what's fixin' to (about to) happen.

- Holly Gleason, writer (Huffington Post, Rolling Stone)


"I don't believe in astrology. But I believe in Bridgett Walther----She is the tuning fork of the universe!

- E. Jean Carroll, author of numerous books and monthly columnist in Elle Magazine and


Bridgett is my astrologer and friend, and I love her

- Richie Sambora


Bridgett Walther's interpretation of the movement and influence of the stars is second to none. Not only is she uncannily accurate in her predictions, but what sets her apart from other astrologers is her tenacious grasp of language. Her enviable usage of delicious metaphors and delightful phrases – and the way she slips in the odd gem of an uncommon word – makes her horoscopes engaging and never repetitive. Frankly, a remarkable feat for someone so prolific who has to write fresh text on a daily basis.

– Pip Farquherson, author, director of Amsterdam Literary Festival 2005-2007.


I was such a cynic when it came to astrology. Let's face it, most forecasts either one sign fits all or as accurate as a fortune in a fortune cookie. But when I started reading Bridgett Walther she slowly converted me. I'm like a born-again Gemini who won't commit a sin without consulting her column first. For twenty years I've interviewed actors for a living. But it took Bridgett Walther to turn me into a star aficiando. She is honestly the best. Hugs and kisses, Holly

- Holly Millea, writer for Elle Magazine


Bridgett Walther’s entrance onto the stage of my life was indeed a momentous occasion. And, believe me, this show has no indication of closing! Beginning as an advisor, and later becoming a client and close, treasured friend, this brilliant woman’s profound intuition wraps around her amazing expertise, wealth of information and years of experience to create one incredible authority in the field of astrology. As I’ve entered into a new phase of playing the Human Game, “Busting Loose” into more joy and appreciation, growing and expanding while creating with fewer limitations and restrictions, I value my deep connection with Bridgett and bask in her love and support. (Pssst:NO ONE does better hair than Terry McKee."

- Terrence McKee, Entrepreneur, Fashion Editor, Health and Beauty Columnist, Phase 2 Living Coach

You are are all such darlings Your bright light rushes right through me!

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