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Welcome to Bridgett Walther’s horoscope and astrology website! Inside you’ll find a free brief daily horoscope for every zodiac sign, including Bridgett Walther’s Bio, Palmistry, Astrology Books written by Bridgett Walther and much more. Formerly known as Astro-Abby, she is endorsed by some of the most exciting and popular celebrities today! Bridgett Walther’s astrology forecasts have been the guiding light for countless people over the years.


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Endorsed by some of the most exciting and popular celebrities, Bridgett Walther’s astrology forecasts have been the guiding light for thousands of people over the years. Walther has a long list of loyal followers including Cher, Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora, Diane Keaton's savvy assistant Stephanie Heaton…. However, there is no typical astrology/numerology client. In fact, her clientele extends worldwide due to her loyal internet following. Click for more...

 For Tuesday Oct 6
 Your TUESDAY SCOPES are UP at http://www.bridgettwalther.com  - and good stuff is on the way!!! Like starting TODAY!!!
Your MONDAY FORECASTS are UP!! ENJOY. And thanks to ALL of your. My poor husband no longer has any use of his legs. Cancer is a tough disease and carries a lesson of love with it. Even our dog "knows" what is about to happen. ALL PRAYERS ARE WELCOME. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VERY KIND, LOVING PRAYERS!
NEWS: Oct. 1&2
 Oct 1 is up with a short follow-through of a somewhat difficult Friday. Use what you learn about people on the 1st on the 2nd (even more so).
 My husband is in his wheelchair (no leg usage anymore) and I'm working on tomorrow's (Friday) and weekend scopes. I love and need you and pray for your loyalty and understand how difficult it is when the scopes aren't up. Unless another unforeseen event occurs, tomorrow's (FRIDAY) will be up TODAY!!!
 I love all of you and hate to let you down, but I'm working day and night to keep my husband medicated, comfortable, and clean. He now has 4 cancer masses,  is very sick, and selfishly, I want him to live because I love him.  Please understand that although I have a degree in dietetics, I'm not an RN. I'm half his size, have a broken back, and am doing my best to keep him alive. I WILL RETURN ASAP. Not getting much sleep and utterly exhausted. Please stay with me and pray with me for DAVID. Love. Love.Love.
Changes to the Website Have Arrived!

I'd like to thank those of you who've stood by me for the last 25 years and announce that my site has changed in a few different ways and it is . I think you'll enjoy reading as much as I look forward to writing it, including longer daily horoscopes along with having changed the look a bit on a page or two.

by the way,
On another note, my beloved husband David Walther has been diagnosed with a cancerous baseball-sized tumor on his spine and two close to his neck. He's on oxygen, receives remarkable treatment and comfort from Tidewell Home Health Care. The nurses that come and check up on David have been so kind. We don't know how long he has, but he prefers to pass away at home in his own bed, with me beside him and his best friend, Benny, our dog. However, they've moved him into Hospice Hospital. I am doing my best to get your forecasts to you in a timely fashion, but sudden developments may cause a delay. Please, please, please say a prayer for David Brandon Walther, age 63.

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