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Endorsed by some of the most exciting and popular celebrities, Bridgett Walther’s astrology forecasts have been the guiding light for thousands of people over the years. Walther has a long list of loyal followers including Cher, Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora, Diane Keaton's savvy assistant Stephanie Heaton…. However, there is no typical astrology/numerology client. In fact, her clientele extends worldwide due to her loyal internet following.

Your WEEKLY LOVE & CAREER METERS for July 20-26 are UP as are your daily scopes for MONDAY , JULY 20 + your BIRTHDAYSCOPE forJuly 20 about to go up!! WOO WOOWWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!

We'll change the look a bit and add a page or two.  SUPERB IDEA FROM SITE MEMBERS: PLEASE consider giving annual membership cards to your friends and family members! Three site members wrote to me and said that "It's the best gift they ever got." Let me know how many smiles you receive from doing this!! If things get much better, we'll keep on going until I'm Six Feet Under. If you have ANY REQUESTS or SUGGESTIONS, Please send HARNESS ASTROLOGY'S BAD BOY! It's a keeper hat that draws attention, eyes, and prepares you and yours from threats and catastrophes. This experience points you  in a direction that will result in success, joy, harmony and work with the longest lasting planet  in any one sign. When it's inky dark, Pluto won't allow distance and size but has so much revenge that he believes punches and smacks you until you're awake and aware of the  most receptive among you. You are the polite politician/fund soseress that strangers sleep in. They've got brilliant that almost burn your  ideas.  Stand up and remind others that trust and  truth were earned, there are no tricks ----- just truth heart and soul.                                                                                                                                                                   

AND NOW - the BIRTHDAYSCOPE you've been waiting for - 

Happy Birthday, Aries!  You feel a strong obligation to hold down the fort, maintain quality control, and defend the faith – even when others do their best to avoid responsibility. It seems that you’ve always been more grownup and taken duty more seriously than most of your peers. Because you recognize long-term implications, you feel an obligation to help others, offer guidance and work for the good of the whole. You may experience unexpected criticism for your helpful, mature attitude, probably from resentful types with less talent or vision than you. Speaking of talent, you are blessed with at least one outstanding gift – something that could become the basis of a career or life’s journey. No matter how talented, you never come across as a narcissistic showboat. You frequently pay homage to those who helped you along the way and feel more comfortable talking about ideals, favorite causes, or projects than yammering on about yourself. In many ways, you’re shy and reticent to have the spotlight beaming directly on you. You’re more comfortable being part of a celebrated team or assembly, instead of being heralded as ‘the next big thing.’ Your modesty is not contrived. Because creativity and adventure are so important to you, you work tirelessly, long after others have closed up shop and gone home. You lose track of time when engaged in something you love. Initially, others may be impressed by your dedication and passion, but these same people may also frown on the time you spend honing your craft and pursuing dreams. You require physical exercise and must create time to engage in it daily. This is more for stress relief and balance than anything else. Try to exercise first thing each day before chores and distractions mount up and make it impossible. Because you tend to give generously and spontaneously in personal and professional relationships, you sometimes feel empty and exhausted. Discovering and protecting emotional boundaries is a major life lesson. Because you take relationships seriously, you feel personally wounded when others reject your help, advice or resources. This may lead to bitter misunderstandings between you and others from time to time. As much as you enjoy working for the good of the group, you also crave the exquisite joy of independence, privacy and freedom to come and go as you please. Born today are Teri Pastore, Shanti Beaurline, Sir Jeffrey Archer, Michael Tucci, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Sir George Cadbury, Claudia Cardinale, Lois Chiles, Dave Edmunds, Marsha Hunt, Emma Thompson, Ennis William Cosby, Leonardo da Vinci, Henry James, Elizabeth Montgomery, Catherine I, Phil Lesh, Michael DeBello, Evelyn Ashford, Theodore Rousseau, Michael Ansara, Lisa Bell, Roy Clark, Lydie Denier, Heloise II, Ed O’Brien, Jason Sehorn, A.P. Carter, Lita Grey Chaplin, Hans Conried, Dodi Al Fayed, Sir James Clark Ross, former mayor Harold Washington and Bessie Smith.


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